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Using Prepositions Correctly 正確使用前置詞

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Some prepositions like at, on, in, of, for, with, from are small words in English, but they play an important role in conveying an idea. As a student, you must learn how to use them correctly. Sometimes, the meaning will change if you use them wrongly. 一些前置詞(也稱為介詞)如 at、on、in、of、for、with、from 是英語中的小詞,但它們在傳達意念方面發揮著重要作用。作為學生,您必須學習如何正確使用它們。有時,如果您錯誤地使用它們,含義亦會改變。 Can you complete the following paragraph with the correct preposition in each blank? 你能在每個空白處用正確的前置詞完成下面的段落嗎? The chairman of the parent teacher association insisted (1) ____ going ahead (2) ____ the scheme, but he was not aware (3) ____ the fact that they wouldn’t be able to obtain permission (4) ____ the headmaster because the school was lacking (5) ____ funding. The scheme would not go (6) ____ for a long time even if it was carried (7) ____ . (8) ____ the other hand, the school had other things to think (9) ____ , and the scheme would definitely cause damage (10) ____ the reputation of the school. 家教會主席堅持要進行這個計劃,但他並不知道他們因為學校缺乏資金而無法獲得校長的許可。該計劃即使實施也不會持續很長時間。另一方面,學校還有其他事情要考慮,這個計劃肯定會損害學校的聲譽。

Answer and Analysis 答案與分析 Prepositions are often used with other words such as nouns, verbs, or adjectives. You must be able to spot the key word and understand the collocation to get the correct answer. 前置詞通常與名詞、動詞或形容詞等其他詞一起使用。你必須學會如何發現關鍵詞並理解搭配才能得到正確的答案。 1. insisted on 堅持 The verb ‘insist’ can be used in two patterns: insist + on + noun/gerund; insist + that-clause. 動詞“堅持”有兩種用法:堅持 + on + 名詞/動名詞; 堅持 + that-子句。 • She insisted on paying for me. 她堅持要為我付錢。 • He insisted on his claim. 他堅持他的主張。 • They insisted that their rights be respected. 他們堅持要尊重他們的權利。 2. going ahead with 繼續 The phrase ‘go ahead with’ is an idiom, meaning ‘proceed’ or ‘continue with something’. “繼續”是一個慣用語,意思是“繼續進行”或“繼續做某事”。 • They decided to go ahead with their summer plan. 他們決定繼續他們的暑期計劃。 • He went ahead with the scheme despite opposition. 儘管遭到反對,他還是繼續執行該計劃。

3. aware of 知道, 意識到 The word ‘aware’ is an adjective, not a verb, often used with the preposition ‘of’, or a that-clause. “aware”這個詞是形容詞,而不是動詞,通常與前置詞“of”或 that-子句一起使用。

• He is not aware of the dangers around him. 他不知道周圍的危險。 • I was not aware that they would go ahead with their scheme. 我不知道他們會繼續他們的計劃。

4. obtain ... from 從 ... 獲得 The basic collocation is ‘obtain something from’. 基本搭配是“從(某人)獲得一些東西” • He obtained the loan from the bank. 他從銀行獲得了貸款。 • You need to obtain a permit from the authority. 你需要從當局獲得許可證。

5. lacking in 缺乏 The word ‘lacking’ is an adjective, followed by the preposition ‘in’. “缺乏”一詞是 形容詞,後接前置詞“in”。 • He is never lacking in material comfort. 他從不缺乏物質享受。 • She is totally lacking in humour. 她完全缺乏幽默感。 6. go on 繼續 The phrasal verb ‘go on’ has a number of meanings. Here it means ‘continue’. 動詞片語“go on”有多種含義。 這裡的意思是“繼續”。 • We cannot go on supporting you indefinitely. 我們不能無限期地繼續支持你。 • The strike has been going on for some time. 罷工已經持續了一段時間。 7. carried out 執行, 實施 ‘Carry out’ is a phrasal verb, meaning ‘to put into practice’, or ‘implement’. “carry out”是一個動詞片語,意思是“執行”或“實施”。 • Please carry out the plan as instructed. 請按照指示執行計劃。 • They carried out the task successfully. 他們成功地完成了任務。 8. on the other hand 另一方面 The phrase ‘on the other hand’ can be used to introduce a point of view, especially a contrasting one. “另一方面”一詞可用於介紹一個觀點,尤其是一個對比觀點。 • The couch is expensive, but on the other hand, it is sturdy and can be used for a number of years. 長沙發很昂貴,但另一方面,它很堅固,可以使用很多年。 • On one hand, I would like to join the party, but on ther other hand, I have a lot of work to do tonight. 一方面,我想參加聚會,但另一方面,我今晚有很多工作要做。 9. think about 考慮 ‘Think about’ means ‘consider’. “think about”的意思是“考慮”。 • You need to think about my suggestion. 你需要考慮我的建議。 • We have to think about the consequences of the scheme when it is implemented. 我們必須考慮該計劃實施時的後果。 10. cause damage to 對...構成損害 ‘Cause damage to’ is a common collocation, often used in newspaper reports. “cause damage to”是一種常見的搭配,常用於報紙報導中。 • The tornado has caused great damage to the small town. 龍捲風對這個小鎮造成了很大的破壞。 • The gas explosion caused severe damage to the building. 氣體爆炸對建築物造成嚴重損壞。


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