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雋思出版社獲選為「香港最受歡迎品牌 - 大會推介至尊優先入圍品牌」

雋思出版社 Junius Publications 獲選為「香港最受歡迎品牌 - 大會推介至尊優先入圍品牌」,榮幸之至,藉此感謝 亞洲品牌發展協會,評審及客戶對我們的信任及肯定。

We feel honoured that Junius Publications 雋思出版社 has been awarded to be a "Prefinalist Honorable Brand” of the ”Famous Brands Hong Kong 2019". We are hereby grateful to the "Famous Brands Hong Kong", the judges, as well as our clients, for their trust and confidence in us.